Friday, March 21, 2003

At least 2 coca cola in one day

The coca cola TVC is damn good untill make me drink two cans of Coke everyday. after Lunch and Dinner. I knew is bad for my health. I am too tense i would say. Seeing the presentation day is approaching and my project is just 15% done, argh~~~~~~~~~~~~~i have to scold myself or someone would like to help me out? Model have not build up yet, control drawing still in my mind, the Presentation board is still in the shop. SAD. "I rather die in the middle of the desert" i wrote this in my yahoo msgr. which means i can accept if i really fail the subject. What to do? NO self control and not hardworking on the project. No one can you blame to! Okie, after the dinner, start planning the system and start doing the model, hope so. If there is notthing to disturb.


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