Friday, March 28, 2003


Again, i tot it was finished. I really do not care if i was bad in the presentation and my design is bad. But please do not ask me redo or resubmit. Exposition was the title given to the show last thursday which is the important showcase/presentation for my major to showoff their design.
Hmmm. i wordless, i think a bad student should not comment so much. So, today we have been called by the lecturer to gather in the lab to have a meeting. I was in the list that student who need to redo their work if they do not wan to be "dangerous". I admit my work is bad after all. Presentation is the lastminuteism product and is finished in hurry and disorganized. what to say while, you feel you are lost in yourself and starting looking for good reason for your escaping from works and assigment?
So, please remember this "Exposition", which is exposit the weakness of the student (lazy student), and the problems in the major.
And god bless those who shortlisted with me that can finished this redo assigment on time.


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