Friday, March 28, 2003

A free weekend

No tiution this saturday for me. >.< which mean no income for me this week.
Pc Fair is now on but sadly i do not have much money to buy at least a 512sdram for my old PC. they said SDram going to pupus anyway. So, grab it now if u see it. Hmm, money does matter. after a nice sleep without any disturbing elements. I fell better. Hmmm, going out for pc fair and sending a work to the literature contest entering the new poem category. But i think it won be any reward because the level in the contest is extremely high. I scare of it but i still want give a try. Wish me luck then.
Exam is just around the corner but everyone already going to have holiday mood! and we are going to do our intership sooner.
And i even not sending out any coverletter and so on. Sad.

I heard that my friend flied back from taiwan because of her mother illess. Sad to heard this and have to go and see her as soon as possible.

okie. the comment bar is done and the counter bar is done. please feel free to comment and visit oftenly.


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