Monday, March 24, 2003

My life with Onion egg fried rice and COKE

Again, Onion egg and fried rice + coke. My lunch at 5pm. Abviously, my product testing can not be done this afternoon, rainning and my slow motion. Thing haven print and model haven out ( if it was, i scared that is not a working one.) So do not scare, just do it. I sleep from 2pm - 4pm just for a recharge for last night after the osca's world awards. We can not do anything when nicole kidman won the best actress and the gangs of newyork mostly get nothing? Go back to the history is the way they celebrate Osca's 75th birthday this year. Of course, anti war is another theme of everyone. "We shame on you, mr bush. Your time ends up!" we can not watch this scene anywhere esle beside in USA. This is USA and Osca. While the documentary " BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE " awards winner came up on stage said the most impressive statement, He actually mentioned that " we like non-fiction" as a student currently not studying film making but making a documentary now, i appreciate what he is telling. After that he came out with the most potiential to be censored statement this year. "We shame on you, mr bush. Your time ends up!"
won the best original screenplay but lost the foreign movie in osca. i wordless because i did not watch the movie yet, and my roomate ask me to shut up because of judging the film without watching it is not a film lover's enthics.
So, what to do while waiting my model to dry up and for test?
Hmm, maybe a failure on my model, i forget to tune it before housed in it. BAD LUCK.


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