Thursday, March 27, 2003

Sonneratia II

i went for the audition session National Art gallery. Hai, what a bad presentation, i even do not talk anything that impressed the panel. Who is the panel? Mr john said he is the only "guru" in his student life in unimas that time. An artist that very " artist". >_<
I watched one of his video art work, really artistic untill i oso dunno what he is telling in the visual and text presentation. And he was the first artist that introduce and accepted by local art scene about" Media Art". Hey, so far, you know what about media art? Hm, this is the panel that i met during the audition. Argh....not a formal audition at all, where i just sit beside him and talk to him " face to face". MMU got 5 people called up for the audition and hopefull (really hopefully ar?) can go in to the camp and get dirt. Haha, if i selected to the camp, sure warned and scold by the Acid network people. Hai, dun care liao every one need a released.


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