Monday, April 28, 2003

About internship 03
Nearly lost my life
I should start my internship this week. CMCL called me for my supervisor full name. From the last day of the camp, i started my holiday untill today, i nearly cannot remember what i have done in the past few days. Online chatroom, bloging, writing email to inform people about the trycam movement.....and teaching tiution and internship also.

I admit that i really asyik in the world of cyber and online everytime when i on my pc. It could cost me a lot since i am still using Dial Up. so, i need to change my attitude about this after three years of well trained by MMU networking internet service provider in hostel. But somehow, it help me a lot in the knowledge of computing. I did website and radio in the intranet and chatting and distance learning LOL.

And i have been so unproductive this two weeks after the camp. Do not know the reason. but i am lazy as i mentioned in the past.
so, for you who is reading my blog. say something if you want to share with me you life.

thank you first


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