Wednesday, April 09, 2003

BUSY for something that worth for.

I quit busy these few days. One of the reason is the last minuteism behavior, and the other reason is the issue moving out from the campus. One more, worry about exam paper. The worst i can imagine is resit the stupid thing next year but somemore chance are not going to knock your door twice. Sad to say i choose the "bad example" to go on. And tied the chance that in front of me up. I believe it will help me in certain way.
The script have to submit the MDC by this 5pm, i haven come out with any visual description and audio as well. Sad.Will start it later. Somehow, the mentorship relationship with my production house is broke up by the MDC, but i think i still need them to inspired me on this project in the sense of technical or mental (experiences sharing).
Another thing i am busy with is i haven transfer the movie into DV tape and Digi beta for ASTRO. Sunsun must be very angry on this to me. But she is kind, she sound to people very kind and showing her understand the situation of being an student. :P
Moving out form this hostel in these two days. And hope soemone got vehicle to help me move my pc, book, and other stuff out of here.
So have to go back to work then.


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