Monday, March 31, 2003

Hua Zhong 花踪

i knew it will be a hard try but i still sending in my work last minute after my tiution and after i print my photo out. Maybe i can have that little chance because of i created a new style poem?(scared the idea was old antique) Or maybe chance come after the model like photo that i sent with my work? Do not care anything, submit first. Keep doing what i want to do and keep doing it. I hardly can show it here because it mentioned the work cannot be published before the competition. Even a web publishing. :P sorry. So, you guys wish me luck. First prize gto rm5000.00 and a beautiful trophy. Hmm, and invited to the Literature camp with those famous people in the circle. Huhu, see wheter can meet Mike, zhuang luo, others writer or not :P if i happened to be invited :P which i at least finalist:P wish me luck....many many many times. Please..................................


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