Saturday, April 05, 2003

I am lucky

Mother just called "You not coming home tonight?" I suprised, hi, i knew today is Qing Ming but because this morning exam and there is another paper coming on monday so not planning go home. Bu t i promise to go back tomolo morning. Hm, just go back see my parent since they are getting older. :(

I am lucky i think. With a good family and they treat me so nice and no matter what i did outside, they never ask a word.
I am lucky i think. With a kind mother that allowed her son use her money unlimited,althought the money that she has is not much but as she collected some money sure she will ask her son "did you need money to spend?
I am lucky i think. With a good good father which can give his son rm1200 just for buying a new Nikon FM10 manual camera. And the money maybe is his daily coffee money for whole year or for his motor servicing fees or motor road tax. How bad his son did on him. But he ask for nothing from his son. He just waiting for his sony 29 TV once his son got enough money to buy one for him.
I am lucky i think. With some brother and sister who can supply fanacial and moral support for their younger brother who doing something useless in their sense here in soemwhere they not really know about it.
I am lucky i think. With a lot of real friends around me that help me to overcome a problem by a problem. And they never charge me for that. Where can you get these such a good friends?
I am lucky i think. With good and kind teacher in mylife that do not mind how slow their student learn and express.
I am lucky i think. With something that just lucky can bring which money can not buy.

i am lucky, damn lucky.


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