Friday, April 04, 2003

I finished it and printed it

I have to say it over. I want it to be overed. No matter what the out come is. It is hard mentaly becuase it was not fun at all. I enjoy the drawing and organizing but not in the mood of planning how to fulfill the standard. We lost in the designing stage i would said. ha, now i resubmitted the thing and hope at least not going to fail. Hope so hope so. I went to spy my carry marks for HMI ( so called Human Machine Interaction, a IT subject that for my major, yes have to take.) cam cam cam. not over the safe area. so have to work hard on it. For my media law, hai~~~~~look so good result in my carry marks but u know the lecturer who very fussy on us. She said really have to read the given topic if hard to get good result from her. BTW, she is good to teach us media law, clearly explaination and details cases given very clear. :P
Okie now you see what i am doing for exam so far. Hai, tomolo is the media law paper. For me, still have to study la.


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