Saturday, April 05, 2003

I forget that i want to write something about FNM

Do you know anything about FNM? Filem negara malaysia? That harimau u seen everytime in national TV after those old style documentary? Ok hope that it can recall your memoryI went there for my project research. I am doing something related to past and now about my hometown which is a new village formed that old time when emergency occured. But i went there, got nothing for me axcept an experience about FNM. AFter i go in and out urus setia and Bilik pembahagian filem, I go back to bilik pembahagian filem at last. :P the kakak told me after i showed the letter which in english that"Goverment agency should write a malay letter. It better!" yes, FNM is under Kementerian Penarangan Malaysia. So next time i knew what to do la. The abang showed me some tape that related to new village. One is about emergency time, and the achievement in rural area in malaysia. Nothing about a chinese new village. My god. they maybe forgot about the special treasure in malaysia history. So i said thank you to them after previewing those tape and record down the name of the tape that i maybe needed later in my project. So, i leave for home after FNM.


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