Monday, March 31, 2003

岛--island is a play directed by weifu and wen fu shen
i went for the theatre after so long time i did not turn up in those theatre events. i told myself "hey, forget it you now in video!" haha, xiao hung and peiwen is good in the play. Other actors i cannot comment so much because i did not know them, but why the apperences of wei fu? i wonder. An island always in our heart. A ignored by other girl always face problem that can not stand it alone and started talk to herself and blame-ing herself about the lostbaby and the invisible husband. Meanwhile the young lady found out that her bf have an affair with other women and started“你系咪识佐第二个?”
bad thing was, we waited for an hour and half before the show start. The actually started time on 4pm instead of 3pm.
I long time did not go in theatre, maybe forget the feeling of the real theatre or i really out from it?
waiting for another great show, a gay theme play---Angel. RM25 / show. kanasai.


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