Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Phase2A will very much remain a "student work" project

picked from the email regarding the MDC project i am taking part in:

In other words, Phase2A will very much remain a "student work" project, assisted by mentors to provide a helping hand in the film's execution, and for them to learn the ropes and get as much reality as possible (eg working within a practical budget) from the professional mentors.
Additionally, I may make a few modifications to
(1) funnel the projects into a consistent line in terms of production schedule and costing
(2) allow the students to undertake the project without constraints of their formal IHL ties and
(3) optimise the strengths of each participant by putting them, where possible, into a mix and match team environment (eg the "director" may be from University A, while DOP could be from Institution B, "sound man" from Institution C and so on - I also believe aspects of being a producer should also be factored in).


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