Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Repaired my bike, paid RM80

I planned well today. First go have my breakfast, second go repair my bike third go optical shop to repair my spec, and lastly go back home and start clean up my stuffs.
But i stucked at the "motor shop", and exchanged my bike with a cheap blak one because mine one is under repairing. So the rest of the planning that i can finish was the cleaning works. I rearrange my brother computer desktop/working area. Moved my stuff out and dump unwanted item and save place for somre important books. :P and watched a thai movie, and since that thai movie i believed that, film industrial in thailand really a burst. And there are always pretty and young lady and guys which is diferent from my own imagination of Thai people.

After that i went back to the shop, paid RM80 instead of the original fee was RM93.50. :((

I went to KL and took the photo and meet with James, he is helping me to convert the Dv tape to Digibeta. Thankful.

So, i went back home again. And stay tuned Astro.


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