Thursday, April 03, 2003

Where is my short film?

friends always ask me" when i can see ur short film?" i got nothing to say because is hard to convert out into vcd since i dun have a burner and the vcd quality is bad. So i show some photos here for those who want to see the screen scene. Another thing is i even cannot show in KSFM that i mentioned just now where astro beg us to let them have their premiere in malaysia TV. So, let them have it first. Hmm, then i missed this year film festival included The Finas malaysian film festival...sad.
Hmm, have to prepare for exam and have to find a dv and pc to convert my work form pc to Dv tape always hard for me. Since i got the Digibeta in my hand from Astro but i haven use it anyway. The rozi is asking me for the DV tape version but not a AVi version instead we can transfer our file into the DS lab by networking. So i asking for help now. Hope someone from MARS can help me out of this.
Hm, meanwhile have a plan to have the party on 10 april night. A premeire for those who help in the short. Located in wenjia house at Cyberia...hihi....who are invited can only enter the house. :P so thank you to wenjia first if the party is really on.
So waiting for that day to come la.


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