Friday, April 04, 2003

Why am I so infatuated to COMIC KIDS

I keep looking for comic kids first album "Hey hah". I think u know which song they are singing, the Ketchup song "aseje". They take it as their first Promo song and exactly the same as the original regarding the song and the dance. Wow, how young they are. As a younger version of F4, they are are young and only young, they are King one,Eddie,Figaro,Arroy,Shone and Peter . Sweet smile and nice hairdo, of course diferent type of guys for the fans with different taste. HA HA, they very "青春" la. For old people already out from this "青春". sad, so that's y need to see this young and nice group to get back the old time. Ha, next group maybe Tiwns or cookies......hahahahhaha
可 米 小 子 株 式 �� 社


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