Saturday, May 31, 2003

Bad Day

I lost my wallet and the thief took the money and left my wallet near tong sampah
When my motor run out of gas (minyak i meant), i realized that lost my wallet. I forgot to bring it? left in my house? drop it? Cam la......
Once i arrived MMU, i called home, sei mother said did not see my wallet on table or on the bed...( i used to put every thing on my bed) BTW, i leave it la...i go for the meeting with Mr Lazi.
After the meeting before go for my lunch...i pinjam RM10 from my friend...and anouced i lost my wallet.
So the rest of the day i have to stayed in my hostel. A hostel that wiothout fan... even my tiny fan not working. i called home once again. Yeah, my mother told me that the wallet was found beside the tong sampah, but money gone...what a bad luck guy here.
Luckly, the document still there..i just renew my license and took my new atm Card.
Luckly i did not lose that....
thank you my mother to keep it for me...

so... i stay until now.......

thank god a lot.


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