Thursday, May 08, 2003

Dog eat man world

We discuss and rediscuss it over and over again. But it remains the same. We are speechless on that degil person and the degil unit. They like to eat shits, a lot of shits. And they just know the image of money and refused to work for that. And yet, we are not the one to do all the thing and they are the one who take the credit. I remember a film by teck tan" spinning gasing" mentioned a interesting dailogue that i would like to share."Malay always take the credit, chinese take the money and indian take the risk" Now, they are malay and chinese. We most propaly become the indian and a little bit of Malay, credit still with us. We are sure not intense to sell our story just like that but this is our story. Especially my case, how people can take away the copyright of your own memory without doing any favour in ur work? Or they just have the name, so therefore they can claim that it has to belong to them and goes under their name and copyright? I confuse with whether am i right or not....or.....whether it is a important Issue or not as someone important remind us that boss mentioned it's "principle" problem......or....we just do not want some body just have that name without doing anything. We rather give it to someone that sponsor us in the project even they want our work after all but not the person that just sitting there and come for a few meeting claim away that name????

Me sad, sadness always be there in these week on behalf of my lost in the competation, i took it seriously and by losing the competation really a sad thing for me. Maybe i am not good enough. Maybe.

Now i start my internship in CMLC, which is a nice place to workwith. Nice lecturer and enviroment. Ha, but i claimed to be fexible. Sothat, i no need go to office for 9-5pm style of working time. But i still need to asist some lecturer to finish their recording for CMLC vioce bank.

Good, today can be considered as my first working day before i get my job list.


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