Thursday, May 15, 2003

i cut my hair

YY said my new hair style look like Jay Chou, the R&B king from taiwan who going to have his malaysia last concert of his tour this weekend. I wondered, look like JAY chou? 有搞错吗?never mind i do not care who am i look like but i just like this hairdo that my so called hair stylist did for me. He is a upcoming hair stylist, i think. And his skill not bad, just drop his scissors few times just now when help me to style my hair.
So, my friend called me for a supper, but i declined him because i am busy and a little bit not wanted to see him at that time. So i did not go for that supper. And i went back home to DIY my new bought color box (why called color box ler?). So after i get the box done and i have my dinner and watch ASTRO.
By the way, i start my work and planning it out. Damn it. A lot of work to do.


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