Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Idora's birthday

What we were doing while we gather at LOT 10 San francisco and having our drink and enjoying talking to each other.
We did a crazy video shooting and acting. Playing fool with the SARS issues. And singing "happy birthday" to our beloved Idora.
Yet, party have to end and be controled. The lot 10 Security Guard came to us and ask us to stop those silly action.
Of course, some of us do not know what we are doing. But who care? we can come out and have fun and meet with each other. Kekekeke actually we just meet each other last monday, :P.
I suposed to sleep early, this morning, i have to rush back to MMU for some meetings and MDC meeting.
I told my friends, i lost in the competition. LOST.
So, what is good that i can admit i got the feeling of LOSING. But i won't give up. :P. scared to say out this word too, i scare i am the one who give up early.

anyway, for those who interested in video, please go a head.

And, i wish all the best to you all.


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