Thursday, May 01, 2003

Is he gay?

I admired the story of this "oriental Romeo and juliet" called as " Leung San Pak and Chok Ying Toi". This is a legend but is a great story about love. The story about a girl go into a guy college (the school only for guy in the old time in china), she pretend and dressup as other guy and she get know about Leung San Pak. They have a very close relationship after all the time they have been together in the college. After some time, her father force her to marry a very very very rich Man with a high post in the goverment. And they have the affair during that day Chok ying toi leave the school. So, Chok Ying Toi wait for Leung San Pak to get a goverment post (old time the status in society is very important, because of this status, this legend created). But, somehow Leung San Pak still cannot marry Chok Ying Toi. And Leung San Pak died because of this, when the wedding day of CHok Ying Toi's wedding match passby Leung San Pak's grave. Legendary, the weather changed and the Chok Ying Toi fall into the grave and live together with Leung San Pak. Of course, both of them turn into a pair of butterfky and live happily forever and ever.
This is the story about.
But what i am wonder is, is Leung San Pak gay? Will he wonder why Chok Ying Toi is not a guy? and how other classmate look at them when they are too close? And of course, how the relationship in the all male school in the old time.
This question had been mentioned by a theater group in hong kong which they did this stageplay questioning "what if leung san pak is a gay?". so i just recall the question and rethink it again.
Somehow, the male male relationship in the old time oledi so obvious. But what now?
Ha, maybe i think too much.

BTW, this is just only my little thought when i "rewatch" the Tsak Shui's in the Celestial Channel over ASTRO.


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