Thursday, May 01, 2003

Sonneratia II reviews 04

a poem that made by 8 of us. Me, Amira, Sabina, Ngaim, Adrin, Azrin, Hatta and Hui Kun. We read it in a performance during the last night of the camp.

I am but a fragment of life, mapping through the flood of time.
aku sakit aku berdarah, lagi hilang
aku tipu, damn!
I am a burning candle. Warm with love, hot with distruction.
aku busuk tetapi relaks
i know you can not see me, but my energy still flow relaxly in the rythem of sungai
Aku macam ditipu, the busuk sungai
burning my emotion and my key to spiritual telah berdarah.
Tapi orang cakap relaks lah.

You and i are butterfly, a thrabing pulse in the air, makes its way through our wings
You came and built the rythmn of my mantra
You are a river of skirts flooding death in the sound of mantra your rythmn
You busuk, my emotions start to burn, and the flame, like darah
Kamu ini, mapping my energy into one circle walaupun kamu ini busuk sekali tetap kamu ditipu, mati berdarah.

We will neverdie the energy that burns us dances with the butterfky
We are the keys of heaven that unlocks the gate of eternity. Lets make our bridge within death we will cycle to the rythmn of the djumbei in perfect harmony of Gai's hum
we are burning
Kita jadi rama-rama, bersedia mati dalam sungai dan tunggu orang yang main djumbei
kita akan macam butterfly yang berdarah
flying above the busuk sungai, mencari spiritual sampai the end
我们, 我们, 旋律中的我们, 永无止境,他妈的。


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