Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Start working tomolo seriously

After three weeks of doing nothing, i basically can announce that i will start my internship and projects tomolo officially.
I have to report here what actually i did after the sonneratia camp:

22April: went back MMU for Website CMLC discussion | 8pm was in FINAS watching BRIDE OF FIRE
24April: went Macromedia DREAMWEAVER mx Seminar at SUnway Lagoon Resort
25April: went Tiution for Ms LIM | Meet with James lee to get back my Dv tape | Meeting with CMLC website team at Shih weii House located at Kepong
27April: went Han xin for a seminar by the TRYcam 's jury | got my free contact lens from Focus point
29April: went Tiution for Ms LIM | Meet with SUNSUN astro to pass her my dv tape and the digi beta | Went yuen teng house | went back MMU to get my offer letter from CMLC
30April: went MMU for an apointment with Sakina but cancelled because Sakina on her MC
2May : went MDC meeting | visited Jeremiah at his office
3May : Trycam student screening | James Lee seminar on his Sunflower and teatime with john
4May : Trycam open screening | awards giving night
5May : National Art gallery meeting for sonneratia project | meet a new friend | watched X2
6May : Stay home and sleep for whole night
7May : Went wnagsa maju | gathering at LOT 10 and celebrating idora's birthday

what a report.seems like i am not wasting my time at all. :P but most of the time i online for nothing. dunno why ler?


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