Wednesday, June 04, 2003

My project stucked

If i want to go back to restructure my script about the documentary...i felt that a bit hard to do so....i quite scare about the story now..."how to tell story in a better and better execution? They told me i lacks of good thinking skill (or i did not use brain when doing thing.) and of course my poor presentation skill in stead of story telling talent.....i do not ghave the talent i think... to be credit as producer seems like to be the one who have to get everything done in a good way and as a script writer ( i have been honored as script writer in a camp, but felt quite humbled), we always need to polish our story telling skills. If not, u will "laungh fall people teeth" (making a lot of jokes..).
Hope that i am not the one.
Anyway, i still wondering how to make a good documentary and drama after attending a so call nutsheel production training.
God bless me is IT allowed.


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