Friday, June 20, 2003

r-mmu DJ 001: DJ Crash Course 2003
I am a Dj in Radio MMU. I am enjoying being a cantonese Dj there. After being a cantonese Dj for one year, now is the turn for those new member to join us as this cantonese Dj. This morning, there is going to have a "Dj crash Course " to let the new members know what is a Dj should do in the studio or what you should know to become a Dj. We do have a Netcasting studio for Dj to do it live and online (not onair, you need a internet-able device to listen to Radio MMU). So for tomolo, we have a short course by Mr Lazi. And some soft activities for those new members to ice breaking. Wish them luck la.


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