Thursday, April 03, 2003

the result still same

Even the work is given a week before, i still make it last minute. Four board to go. kanasai. I go back and return my home and hostel in MMU. Friend said" wow, what a outstation journey!!" Last night went to visit my friend in her mother funeral. Meet some old friend but topic anymore. sad thing is i am not even talk more than a word to one of them. Luckly my friend who is in loss of mother better after few days. We talk something funny after she finished those chinese taoism way to bring her mother to better place. we left her after 12am. I went home and online until 2am and started go back to MMU. Of course, i felt sleepy on the way therefore i sleep half way in the sunway tol's pertol station. Luckly i am still here to write the blog.
SARS finally landed in malaysia, KL. everyone please take care of themselves. I am in hostel during this exam week, my first paper just start on 5 april 2003.
And now, as you know, i am last minuteism rushing my rejected final project.
All the best for the SARS victims, War victims, and those who suffered in the past before.


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