Sunday, May 18, 2003

Rumah Air Panas @ RAP : visited reviews

I can not find that place. 5 lorong ayer leleh 1 ? i can not see any road sign that showing lorong leleh.....:( at last i went in a very construction site area...and there is a house there, called " Rumah Air Panas @ RAP " yeah i found it.
A exhibition about space, so that the whole space of that house should be used to present artist work. Somehow, as a product designer or artist, i felt a bit weird to go into their art work. I were wearing mask during the whole visit i was in RAP. Mr Yap saw my action he said " Haha, scared of SARS?" i shaked my head, " motorcyclist la, i am!"
I saw chitchit, ngaim, hooi kun, seihon, han kai.....and other "artist".... the reason i used "" because they are really ARTIST style look.
Meanwhile i look a bit special coz wearing mask and look so different from them. I actually quite refused to follow the trip and listen what the tour guide story. I prefer my own observation. and playing with the art works.....i think the art works shown are more to let audience to play with than just a art work.
I am thinking of my own art work that will come out later on august. A fear and real tester. You ready to test it out?


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