Sunday, June 01, 2003

BAD yesterday

1st of JUNE was my bad day. Again. I went for a lunch that treated by my friend and i POK GAI (fell down on the floor, face down) as rushing for the 868 bus. So bad, i now thinking back the reason i make me falling down...the speen that i run? unflaten surface? However it hurt my god.....
but i catch my bus and on my way to KL.
Then i meet my friends and we go for lunch at red Chamer at Bangsar....hihi.....not cheap .....but i am student and no need to make payment since everyone are working and get paid.
After the lunch we decided to go for a theatre show called"heaven and earth" chinese punya theatre, talk about two mother and son story in diferent timeline....old time>the son save his mother....present>the son killed his mother.....
after that i go back to jinjang and just clean my bleeding leg....and go back to MMU again by bus.

that's my bad day.


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