Is not good at all

I chat while i am working on my project, u know, how it can be good if we do thing like this way? I admit that i lazy again. no complaint. I admit i still love my ex lover so much untill i can not get it out. I admit i do thing in extreme slow motion. I admit i make a shame of my major classmate. I admit i always cannot be the good lover(always make atmosphere worst), good senior(always complaint about the bad thign in the major), good son(just know how to spend family money), good roomate(always close the window nomatter how hot the room is), good friend(never show face in the makmak gathering), good student(do not grab good result, do not answer question in class and do not consult lecturer), So i admit i always can not be a good people. So, i ready to be the one who make shame of the major. I did it once during form 6 STPM who is the one made the "pass" percentage uncomplete. 98% passed the paper and i am the 2% fail the paper in the STPM. This time, i maybe not going o fail but maybe a failure in major. hai, what to say? while our Ergonomic lecturer keep saying this batch students are lazy and slow. I admit that and no turning back.