No mood only?

The screening supposed on 9am, but actually was set on 10am. I was there on 9am with my roomate, after 45 mins waiting in the studio i shifted to e-theatre. But, i can not wait anymore therefore, i am here recording what i exprecienced just now. 没有心情看了,所以回来。试问谁真的可以丢下自己的功课,然后看一堆不懂是什么的动画。let it be outthere, and please do not care what happen in other major and other places. "Now, please do your own work" i told myself hardly. But somehow, it seems like does not help at all. When i look at the paper that lecturer passed to us, damn it. A lot of work to finish and for me, i have not started at all. So far, i just can pray. Pray for anyone can drop by and send me a nice device. That's all i need, i think.