Full house for KSFM Malaysian Shorts
It was so successful in this time malaysian short showcases. Malaysian Shorts 3 took place in HELP. help, if you late for the show, honestly you have to sit on the floor. Ha, MMU got one entry and there are more than 40 people in the hall from MMU. :P
We proud of our senior work, Ho chun How for his Waste wood and Pwoder Sausage should be in cantonese " 废材与粉肠". no doubt. this is a simple story of greed of every city living people. ha, another successful animation . :P
the best craftmanship is from the Shamyl fresh graduated from australia. The short is more to a film production that one of the two is sponsored by FINAS. wow// talented people outthere please do good good relationship with finas :PHmm, the other one is Tan Wah Heng, a video of a old shop that should owned by the author grandpa. But grandpa was not in anymore. A simply still and some nice shot with a hanainese narations.
Ha, the other...The locked room suprisingly is mandarin and to high expectation and the outcome is not that good.
James lee always can make a very nice and unique work even a last minute work. LOL
Breakfast with david presenting a good video but the short is too short for the emotion growed up to the audience.
i know my language is not that good. I know you must keen to know when is the next season? July, i welcome you to join us in the KSFM at help.
KSFM= Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia ( Malaysia Film Art Club)