They tot only FA student knows how to make video?
"The CDVC 2003 road show came to MMU" my friend smsed me this news last night. I tot it will be a booth some where around FCM or central i prepare to visit that booth tomolo. But i cannot find any booth related to CDVC 2003. I smsed my friend and ask her, she said"O it was in the FA lab...." I wonder why they only promote among those FA students or FCM students? Since we are not encouraging people to make their video on their own to create a trend of the digital video. And CDVC2003 open so many amatuer categories such as home video and so on....but why they were just promoted the event among FCM?? And the faculty Office not even put the new in the bulletin board. Hai, we quite sorry what have been to our faculty office. They are being so politic and leech, but i do not think they are providing a good service to those students...students here for them just a student which study hard and no brain.(if got, i think the brain is unfunction well already, or " no feeling" towards what they are doing.) Perhaps, we can ask for our rights as a student here and demand for better content of the subject. hai, i so angry when i talk about this issue. So, u know i know la.